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Survival Swim Paragould Scholarships


Survival Swim Paragould teaches children self-rescue techniques designed to ensure a child's safety in a water emergency until help arrives.

According to the CDC, for children ages 1-4 years old, DROWNING is the second leading cause of death after motor vehicle accidents.

Survival Swim lessons significantly reduce the risk of drowning in children under 5 by 88%.

Children 6 months and older can be taught to self-rescue.

How many lessons does it take?
Children who enter Phase 1 of Survival Swim typically graduate within 3-6 weeks. Ultimately, the time it takes for one child depends solely on their skill set and cooperation in the water. Not every child learns the same or at the same pace and that's OK!

Will my child retain their skills?
Your child will retain skills we teach them in the water, as long as the child returns periodically for Phase 2 (the refresher phase). While a child doesn't have to sign up for Phase 2 of Survival Swim, we strongly encourage parents to do so in order to keep those skills strong!

How does it work teaching infants?
Infants learn the float method by repetition and conditioning. Once the child is in the floating position and still, we pick them up and praise them! This becomes instinct and will be something they do via muscle memory after their time in the swim program.

The Float-It-Forward Scholarship is a partnership with Danyelle's Legacy a 501(c) non-profit organization in honor of Danyelle Alexis Jones, a 2 year old child from Paragould. Danyelle fell into 8 mile ditch in March 2021 and tragically drowned. Danyelle's parents honor her name and legacy by raising awareness of drowning and preventative measures like survival swim lessons to ensure no family ever has to grieve the loss of a child. The Float-It-Forward scholarship ensures Survival Swim lessons are available to every infant and small child, regardless of their ability to pay!

It's not just about swimming...It's about surviving!

For more information, call 870-476-2348 and find them on Facebook & Instagram. Open Monday-Friday, 9am-7pm.



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